Message from BPD about the Pool Party

'cudas families - after a fun pool party at BAC on Saturday, there was an unfortunate situation where all of the lights turned off, leaving people in darkness for a few minutes.  Please see the message below from Lynsey at BPD.

Please accept our apologies for what happened with regards to the lights. The pool lights are scheduled on a timer and we should have extended that timer to ensure there was enough time for the families to get out of the pool safely with light. I just wanted to clarify that none of the staff on duty shut off the lights. The timer is outside the facility in the filter room and not something the Supervisor is familiar with since they very rarely have to override them. They take about 15 minutes to warm up but shut off fast so we couldn’t have even flipped the switch back on and solved the problem.

I am confident the staff did their best to manage the situation and ensure everyone’s safety. Alison was on the phone almost immediately to advise. I can imagine it was scary and chaotic and definitely something we don’t want to happen again and we will take steps to ensure it doesn’t. I am sure you know safety is always a priority for us.


Lynsey Heathcote

Superintendent of Special Facilities

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